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How Does It Work?

  • Starting at $35.00 For 30-Minutes

  • Online Lessons

  • Private One On One Lessons

Develop Breathing Technique

  • Breathing Exercises

  • Breathing Coordination

  • Breathing Vocal Exercises

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Why Vocal Pro Studios

  • "I never want my lesson to end" -Rose

  • "I am developing my voice and confidence" -Alyssa

  • "My breathing improved dramatically" -Vyctoria

  • "I have a vocal range never thought possible" -Sophie

  • "Vocal Pro Studios are like family" -Victoria

  • "I could never have done it without you" -Tori

Beginning Piano

  • Starting at $25 for 30-minutes

  • Online Lessons

  • Ages 5 to Adults

  • In Person Lessons

Where Our Students Have Appeared

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